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Special Assistance Registration Program

Providing information about a disability or special needs can make a life or death difference. Do you utilize assistive medical devices such as oxygen, use a wheel chair, have a vision or hearing disability, register with a medical alert program, have a private well, or utilize other life support or assistive equipment? If so, we collect this information to help our local emergency services to prepare and respond to emergencies. Your participation in the “Special Assistance Registration Program” is voluntary. All information will be kept on file at the Bernardsville Police Department. Every attempt will be made to keep the information confidential. Information received will not be intentionally released to anyone other than emergency responders. To participate, take the survey found on the Police Department Website, or follow the link at http://bernardsvillepd.org/register or simply complete the form on the reverse side of this Brochure. Completed forms can be dropped off at police headquarters, sent via USPS, faxed, or emailed to: Bernardsville Police Department Office of Emergency Management 166 Mine Brook Road Bernardsville, NJ 07924. Fax: (908) 766-2084 Email: admin@bernardsvillepd.org

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Emergency Notification System

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM In addition to registering for the Special Assistance Program, We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to sign up for the Bernardsville Smart 911 Alert Program and the New Jersey Register Ready Program. The Smart911 emergency notification system helps keep residents informed during emergencies and records information (that you provide) to help us plan and respond to emergencies. Smart911, combined with alerts on the Police Department website bernardsvillepd.org, our local emergency radio station 1640 AM and our BPD Facebook Page, are used to distribute public information in a timely manner during emergencies. Residents and business owners are encouraged to register for this service by visiting www.Smart911.com. Bernardsville Police Department Office of Emergency Management Sgt. Timothy Richard, OEMC (908) 766–0037.

You can withdraw your registration at any time by written notification to the Police Department. For more information about this program contact the Office of Emergency Management in the Police Department at (908) 766-0037.