Firearms Information, Discharge, and Hunter Registration


The use of firearms, bow & arrow, and explosives in Bernardsville is regulated by Borough Ordinance and enforced by the police department.  Anyone wishing to discharge a firearm, use a bow & arrow, or explosive device must first obtain a permit from the Borough.  The registration/permit application process is administered by the Police Department.  Each individual must register using the Firearms Permit Discharge Permit Registration/Application Form. An addendum and separate permission is required for each additional property that will be utilized.  Registration forms can be obtained below.  Completed registration forms must be submitted to the Police Department for approval.

*Three copies of the application must be submitted if you utilize the downloadable pdf applications below as the original forms are in triplicate. You must also download one copy of the Borough Ordinance for your review.

Firearm Applications & Permits:

The Bernardsville Police Department processes a variety of firearms permit applications that are required to legally possess or use firearms in the State of New Jersey. Applicants must first obtain a Firearms Identification Card (FID Card). Handgun Purchase Permits can be obtained with the FID card or after receiving the FID Card. Please see the instructions below. 

Once the application has been completed, the applicant must come to the Police Department where specific instructions will be provided about required fingerprinting and fees to process the application.

This form will be included in the application package if required.  The form must be completed and your signature witnessed. An officer can be your witness when you submit the completed application.

Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS):

Obtaining a Firearms Purchaser ID Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit:
The NJ firearms permit application process is now online. You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, or web browser on your computer. Please follow the instructions below. 

STEP 1: Click the NJSP Firearms Application & Registration System button or go to in your web browser. 
STEP 2: Enter the Bernardsville PD ORI Number: NJ0180300
**If an incorrect ORI number is entered on the form, you will NOT receive a firearms ID card or a permit to purchase. You will have to re-apply using the correct ORI number and pay for the process again. A refund cannot be issued.**
STEP 3: Follow the instructions and provide the requested information to complete the online application. 
STEP 4: You must appear at the Bernardsville Police Department to pay for your initial Firearms Identification Card (FID Card) and/or Pistol Purchase Permits. Your application will not be processed until the completion of the background check as per NJSC 

Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card: $5.00
Handgun Purchase Permit: $2.00/permit

  • You will receive automated email updates throughout this process. 
  • Once your application is complete, a BPD representative will contact you to retrieve your FID card and/or Pistol Purchase Permit documents. 
  • Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them a questionnaire. Your references can complete the questionnaire using a smartphone, mobile device, or computer. Please advise them to complete the questionnaire immediately to progress your background application. 
  • The online application is applicant-driven. Please ensure that you have entered the best telephone numbers and email addresses for yourself and your references. 
See the FAQ page on the FARS web page to see common questions and answers. 


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