Firearms Discharge – Hunter Registration

The use of firearms, bow and arrow and explosives in Bernardsville is regulated by Borough Ordinance and enforced by the police department. The discharge of a firearm is permitted only on 5 acres of land or more and the use of a bow and arrow is permitted on lands consisting of 3 acres or more.  Anyone wishing to discharge a firearm, use a bow and arrow or explosive device must first obtain a permit from the Borough. The registration/permit application process is administered by the Police Department. Each individual must register using the Firearms Permit Discharge Permit Registration/Application Form. An addendum and separate permission is required for each additional property that will be utilized. Registration forms can be obtained at the Police Department or by following the links below. Completed registration forms must be submitted to the Police Department for approval.

*Three copies of the application must be submitted if you utilize the downloadable pdf applications below as the original forms are in triplicate. You must also download one copy of the Borough Ordinance for your review.

Download Firearms – Hunter Registration Application

Download Firearms Discharge Permit Application Addendum For Multiple Properties

Download Borough Code 3-12 Regulating the Use of Firearms, Bow and Arrow and Explosives

Ordinance 2018- 787 Bow and Arrow Revision