The Bernardsville Police Department provides fingerprinting services to local residents free of charge for various purposes. Examples of services provided include fingerprint cards for Child Safety, a Child ID Card Program and fingerprinting for various employment applications.

Addittional fingerprint services are available to residents for firearms applications and permits, criminal history checks and specified employment background investigations pursuant to State and Federal law according to guidelines established by the New Jersey State Police. The following link will provide you with information about fingerprinting services that you may be interested in:

The following fingerprint services are available through the Bernardsville Police Department.

Child Fingerprint Identification Cards

A police officer will take inked impressions of your child’s fingers at Police Headquaters for your personel records. You will receive the only copy of the card to keep in a safe place should they ever be needed to help locate or identify missing persons. It is reccomended that you contact the shift supervisor by calling (908)766-0037 to arrange an appointment for fingerprinting prior to arrival at the Police Department.

Child Identification Kits

The Police Department encourages all residents with children living in Bernardsville to visit Police Headquarters to get a Child Identification Kit for each child. The kits are available free of charge as long as supplies are in stock. Parents then complete the information requested in the kit and keep the kit in a safe place should it ever be needed for identification purposes.

Child Emergency ID Cards

The Police Department offers a Child Emergency ID Card Program to residents free of charge. The cards are distributed periodically throughout the year at community events. The ID cards contain a photo, thumbprint, identifying information and emergency contact information all on one convienent wallet size card.

Fingerprinting for Employment or Application Purposes

In many cases the Bernardsville Police Department can provide fingerprinting for residents who are required to be fingerprinted for various employment or application purposes. In most of these instances your employer will provide you with a coded fingerprint card that is completed by a law enforcement offcier and returned to you for transmittal to your employer. Please call the Records Bureau at 908-766-0037 to arrange an appointment for this service.

Out Of State Residents Requesting A New Jersey Fingerprint Based Criminal Background Check

If you need a background check within the state of New Jersey but are no longer a resident, please call the Division of State Police, Criminal Information Unit, (609) 882-2000 Ext. 2918. They will supply you with a package, including a fingerprint card and full instructions.

Department of Banking and insurance Fingerprint Requirements: Follow the link below…..

Real Estate License Candidate Fingerprinting: Follow the link below…..