Drive SAFE Bernardsville!

A community traffic safety program

Bernardsville residents can request a free Drive Safe decal or magnet for their car to remind motorists to drive with caution and observe the posted speed limit.  When motorists see the Drive Safe logo, it serves as a reminder to them to check their speed, and slow down as needed.

Through a comprehensive traffic safety plan, we can all make our roads a safer place for our families, friends and neighbors.  

By joining the Drive Safe B’ville program, you will play a significant role in creating safer streets for residents and visitors alike.  You understand that driving with caution affects the safety and livability of the neighborhoods you travel through in the same way other people’s driving affects your neighborhood. Not only do Drive Safe participants set the example of obeying the speed limit, they actually help prevent the vehicles driving behind them from speeding.  So get your decal and help us slow down the traffic!

For more information, you can read the press release about Drive Safe Bernardsville. When you are ready to take the pledge and claim your decal, click below.

LinkDownload your pledge form here