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Bernardsville Borough Code




3-6.1    Maintenance Required.

All components of alarm systems, alarm devices, dial alarms and local alarms shall be maintained by the owners or users thereof in good repair. When evidence exists that there has been a failure by such owners or users to maintain properly said alarm devices, the Police Department head is authorized to demand that such devices be disconnected until such time as appropriate repairs and/or modifications are made. (Ord. #608 §2)

3-6.2    Regulations and Standards.

All local alarms shall be equipped with a time relay or battery to limit the sounding of alarms to      fifteen (15) minutes or less.

All dial alarms shall be capable of being disconnected by the owner to permit a call to the Police Department in the event that a false alarm occurs.

The sensory mechanism of dial alarms shall be adjusted so as to suppress false indications and not to be actuated by impulses due to pressure changes in water pipes, short flashes of lightning, wind, noise, rattling, or vibration of doors or windows or other forces unrelated to general alarms.

The occupants of all commercial buildings and commercial properties with alarm systems shall provide the Police Department on an annual basis with the following information:

1.      Name, address and home telephone number of primary contact person;

2.      Name, home address and home telephone number of alternate contact person.

3.      Name, address and telephone number of the alarm company servicing the alarm.

4.      Name, address and telephone number of the central station monitoring the alarm.

3-6.3    Investigation of False Alarms.

In the case of false burglar alarms which summon the Police Department to investigate, the Police Department head shall cause an investigation to be made and shall keep a record of such false alarms on file.

3-6.4    Penalties for False Alarms.

The penalties for false alarms shall be as follows:

In any twelve (12) month period the following penalties shall apply:   One alarm $0, two alarms $50, three alarms $100, .four alarms + $200 per false alarm

Any individual intentionally, willfully, or maliciously destroying or injuring any of the posts, alarm boxes, or other alarm apparatus owned by the Borough or intentionally, willfully or maliciously interfering with the operation of same or any part thereof or who hinders or impedes any of the operations intended to be accomplished thereby or who intentionally causes or assists in causing a false alarm or other emergency to be given in any manner, shall, upon conviction, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter I, Section 1-5.


Bernardsville Borough requires that all parties canvassing or soliciting must have a permit from the Municipal Clerk’s office. Always ask to see this permit before speaking to any unknown person at your door. If the individual(s) does not have a permit, you should promptly notify Police Headquarters so that we can take immediate action. If you ever have any questions about someone who appears at your door, call the Police Department immediately.Applications for solicitors and canvassers are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office at Borough Hall.


There is no overnight parking allowed between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM on any street in the dowtown area of Bernardsville Borough during the period of time from November 15th through April 15th.